Downtimes and Updates

This time of year I’d usually be getting ready to travel to Warpcon. Sadly, this year, I won’t be there. Actually, though I’ll miss my pals, Cork’s English Market, and the best fish and chips this side of Master’s, it’s OK. I’m tired, the last couple of months have been tough, and it’ll be nice spending a bit […]

The Munchkin Card I Couldn’t Draw

This popped up on my Twitter radar, today: To which  Andrew Hackard, my great friend and Munchkin Tzar, responded: It all came to my attention when the challenge was accepted: OK, then. Here we go: I’ve drawn over 5,000 Munchkin cards at this point. Hope-and-Crosby-like, I’m healthily on the road to Card  #6,000. I’ve scribbled monsters and mayhem and […]

My Name Is John And I’ll Be Your Waiter

My Name Is John And I’ll Be Your Waiter Tonight Saturday, February 15, I’ll be at one of my favorite annual charity events – the United Cerebral Palsy of Dane County Celebrity Banquet &  Auction. It’s a terrific time, supporting a great cause, and guess what? I could be your waiter! Yours! Tickets are $95 […]

They Say It’s Your Birthday (da da da da da dah!)

  It’s taken a few days for this all to sink in… It’s not my birthday, yet – that comes this next Saturday, the day after “Black Friday,” disturbingly enough. Black indeed. Alas, alack, I never have done birthdays well… Last Saturday, though, my wonderful, gorgeous, remarkable wife threw me a 50th birthday party, at […]

Happy Judith Day!

Thirten years and five weeks ago, today, I quit the last “real” job that I ever held. This date is familiar to me mostly because thirteen years ago, today, I married the Lovely and Talented Judith. Honestly, it’s not been often in my life that I’ve made two utterly brilliant moves in a five-week space. […]


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