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IT MUST BE MINE – The Beach Boys (2024)

The Beach Boys (2024), Disney+ (1h53m) Home again after a long week on the road, I hit “play” on Disney’s new Beach Boys documentary last night, hoping for acceptable background music as I scoured and cleaned the kitchen counters. Instead, it captured my attention, pushing the housework back a full two hours. If you’re a […]


HAPPY MAY DAY, also known as “Traveller Day,” in certain enlightened circles! Shout-out to the great Marc Miller (HI, Marc!), creator of my favorite roleplaying game ever, and architect of the reason I flunked out of Astrophysics at Queen Mary College London (eventually transferring to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the rest is history). (Ironically […]

It’s a Charlie Brown Lunch Note! – Muskrat Ramblings 24.12.23

  Over at the Dork Tower Patreon, I’ll often upload the Post-It Lunch Notes I draw for Teen, Age 15. Here’s the series leading up to their Christmas Break. I’m honestly surprised I did not receive a phone call from their teacher. THANK YOU deeply and sincerely for being a Dork Tower reader. I appreciate […]

Swag Central!

Greetings from a very chilly London! I’m visiting my parents, and the jet lag hit hard this trip, or I’d have had today’s strip up for my amazing Patreon backers on Friday. It’s a very merry Guest Week from Chris Eliopoulis, and “Roll for entitlement, Karen” may have become my new favorite line ever. I […]

Insane Charity Bike Ride 2023: This One Goes to Eleven!

Each year for the last 11 years, the Insane Charity Bike Ride has helped the FairShare CSA Coalition bring fresh, organic food from Dane County, WI, farms to low-income families in the Madison area. It’s an amazing local charity, helping farmers as well as low-income families. But obviously, these days, the need is greater. The Army of […]


A very different comic was supposed to run yesterday. I very much wanted to spend this week finishing off a delightful project for a French tabletop company – a terrific new boardgame, from one of my favorite designers. So I had a backup DORK TOWER – one that ran in Game Trade Magazine, back in […]


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