TAO NOW – Sunday, 28 November

So this last week encompassed the trip to Austin, my birthday, and  Thanksgiving with my brother’s family in St. Louis. I managed to get pretty good work done on all days save Thanksgiving itself. I honestly don’t mind working on my birthday, or holidays. I love cartooning. Anyway, work was accomplished six of the seven […]

TAO NOW – Thursday, Nov. 18

I’d forgotten I’d committed to taking over the Overture Center’s Instagram account, today, as I’ve got a piece in their “Everything Covid” exhibit. Less work done today than I’d hoped. Staying off the internet is usually a good thing. The first actual piece of work I managed to get to wasn’t until 11:30. My best […]

Over the Garden Lunch Notes

Over the past many years, I’ve included a lunch note for Daughter, Age 13, when she goes off to school each day. (Honestly, I’m delighted – if a bit surprised – that she still asks for them.) Usually, these are directly tied to something she’s studying, or her current fandoms. The first two weeks of […]

Muskrat Morning coffee blend from Fetch Coffee Roasters

Fetch Coffee Roasters – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 07-22-2020 fetchroasters.com Comics and Coffee Team Up to Help Dogs in Need Cartoonist and game designer, John Kovalic partners with Fetch Coffee Roasters to create a delicious new coffee blend, with proceeds to help dogs in need. Portland, OR: Carson’s Coffee Cart of Dork Tower comic strip fame […]


There’s some long-awaited good news on the backer rewards front, but first… Today is “Thank You Patrons” Day, which I suppose is the “Talk Like A  Pirate” day of crowdfunding. It’s been a bit of a down week, for me. Some professional disappointments, a family loss. I like to think I never take my Patron […]

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