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Insane Charity Bike Ride Update (and my Atlanta Game Expo schedule)


Hey, all, This weekend, I’ll be a guest at Atlanta Game Expo/Southern Fried Game Expo, at the Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Center. It’s a short trip for me, and my schedule’s light. But I’ll be there! Bring on the Chicken and Waffles! I’ll try and make myself available throughout the con, but at […]

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Welcome Back…

HEY - remember that time I was a Guest Artist on my own dang game?

Hi there! It’s been, what (Takes out pocket watch. Glances at it.) four months since I’ve posted any updates here? OOPS! Oh, ha. What an absent-minded silly I can be. (Puts watch away. Gets ready to bolt.) Eeeek. Um, errrr…what can I say? It’s been a busy time, and I’m sorry things have slipped a bit, on […]

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Insane Charity Bike Ride 2015: NOW UPDATED WITH MORE SWAG!


  A quick update: With nine days to go, I’m amazed and delighted to say that you guys have raised 94% of the fundraising goal for my Insane Charity Bike Ride 2015 that I sort of feared might be impossible to hit! Suffice to say, I’m pretty confident I’ll be wearing the duck, again. This has been a busy summer, […]

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TOUR DE DUCK 2015: Duckupdate!


For various reasons, July was busy as hell. Unfortunately, that put me behind in training for the Insane Charity Bike Ride 2015. It also put me a month and a half behind plugging and hyping it. It’s approximately six weeks until the ride…and I’ve lost six weeks of training. I’m trying to catch up now, but […]

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Here we go again.

J.R.R. Trolkin - a sample Munchkin legends piece of original art that YOU COULD OWN!

Comics are up again. Once more, for emphasis: COMICS ARE UP, AGAIN! There’s a longer post, somewhere, going into the explanation behind the half-year Dork Tower semi-hiatus. Long story short: Life Happened. So a series about Gilly’s Wedding that was supposed to take four to six weeks ended up spread over six months. I’m gonna ramble a bit here. OK. […]

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Maor Inktober! Plus: Munchkin Postcards!


Maor Inktober! Plus: Munchkin Postcards! What would a pumpkin drink? Early-morning warm-up sketch!   Daughter, Age 5, loves drawing with me, early in the mornings. I find this Daddy/Daughter Drawing Time one of the most delightful times of my day. Here’s what she drew, this morning, at the same time, by my side – Obi-Wan and Anakin on Tatooine:  In […]

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Via Duck

15 miles in. Still smiling! Still self-conscious!

60 Miles via Duck! So, last Sunday, this happened:   I did in fact bike 60 miles (and survive) with a duck on my head, and plush tentacles wrapped around my body like the loving embrace of a Great Old One. And you guys got together to raise an astonishing $13,500 for the CSA Fairshare coalition. (Overall, the […]

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IT’S BIKE TIME! Gaiman, Rothfuss, et al helping out beyond words!


The Last Insane Charity Bike Ride Update: Tour De Duck 2014 – IT’S BIKE TIME! OK, guys – with four days to go until my 60-mile charity bike ride, we blew past $10,000 raised! This is, to put it bluntly, stupefying. And there’s still time for you to make a donation/pledge! The Bike the Barns ride raises critical […]

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There once was a Duck on a Bike…


Insane Charity Bike Ride UPDATE 5! Six Days to Go! This is crazy, guys – we’re up to $9,100 raised for my insane 60-mile one-day bike ride, with the good folks from Bike the Barns! And there are only six days to go! So, here’s the thing: we obviously have a shot at hitting $10,000, and I say WE GO […]

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Blowing the Barn Doors Off!

Never forget

Insane Charity Bike Ride UPDATE 4! Nine Days to Go! HOLY CATS, you guys! We hit $7,500 raised for the Fair Share Coalition, thanks to a hugely generous donation from Joshua Berne. And then we hit $8,500! And now we’re on our way to $9,000! EDIT WE JUST PASSED $9,000!!! (Sept.6) And pledges are still coming in from around […]

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