They Say It’s Your Birthday (da da da da da dah!)


It’s taken a few days for this all to sink in…

It’s not my birthday, yet – that comes this next Saturday, the day after “Black Friday,” disturbingly enough. Black indeed. Alas, alack, I never have done birthdays well…

Last Saturday, though, my wonderful, gorgeous, remarkable wife threw me a 50th birthday party, at Salvatore’s Tomato Pies, in Sun Prairie (an absolutely amazing restaurant that has quickly become a favorite).

I’m still getting used to this “50” thing. It’s…a big number, that’s for certain. One I’m not sure I ever truly conceptualized, in any meaningful way. Coping-mechanism-wise, at least. But the party Judith threw still – STILL – leaves me speechless. Gobsmacked. Humbled. And happy. Terribly, terribly happy.

Super Happy Birthday Fun HourTo be surrounded by so many friends, from near and far, old and new, and to share this moment with family, well, there’s not really much one CAN say, after something like that. The best you can do is reflect on your remarkable good fortune in life.

Thanks to all who could make it, and to all who helped turn a day I was dreading into an unparalleled evening of celebration, joy and laughter.

“50” is a surreal, mind-numbingly, disconcertingly round number. But last Saturday? I must have done *something* right, to have such friends, these last 50 years.

My wife is amazing.

My friends and family rock.

And my readers? I’m an extraordinarily fortunate fellow to have such forgiving, patient readers.

I love you all.

—- John


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