DORK TIDINGS 11.11.10 NaNoWriMo? NoNoNoNo!

Muskrat Ramblings NaNoWriMo? NoNoNoNo posted by John So if you follow my Twitter Feed or catch my facebook page, you might have heard tell that I’ll be doing a regular podcast with WEREGEEK’s Alina Pete and GOBLINS‘ Tarol Hunt. We’re trying to get a few in the can, to work out the bugs and have […]

Spirit of Halloweens Past

New cartoons up on next week, starting Monday, November 3. Plus, an important announcement. Until then… **** I grow old. I grow old/I shall make my daughter dress like Ben Folds. Yes, Paradigm Shift #2072 has been come to pass, in the last week and a half, since fatherhood began. To wit: I could […]


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