With all the projects that John is working on, his schedule is a bit hectic. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get out to as many cons as he once did.

Currently, confirmed appearances are:

GAMA Trade Show
March 17-21 2014
Las Vegas, NV

Artist Guest of Honor
June 11-14 2014
Columbus, OH

August 14-17 2014
Indianapolis, IN

LUCCA Comics and Games Festival
October 30-November 2 2014
Lucca, Italy

Scheduling Appearances

If you’d like John to attend a convention, please contact his business manager Judith Heise via the form below. Judith has to be convinced that a con won’t interfere with John’s deadlines. Unfortunately, due to time constraints his travel time is limited. That said, the main thing Judith needs to allow John to leave his drawing table is:

  • Travel, lodging and food expenses for two
  • Advance notice, preferably six months to a year
  • Location of convention
  • Requirements of John’s time as an attendee or guest

Please do not take “No” as a personal slight. Most people would agree that they’d prefer John focuses on creating new comics and games than have him doing something silly like relaxing at a fun convention and enjoying himself.

PLEASE NOTE: In this form, we ask you what amounts to a silly question in order to verify that you are actually a human being. Please enter the answer to that question as a word – not as a number. For Example: If the question is “What is 2+2″ your answer would be the word “four” – NOT the number 4.

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