In three days, I attempt Insane Charity Bike Ride 2020. Now with a duck on my head. (We passed the $10,000 mark). Possibly with two.
Another insanity – I failed to post about it here, on! Though most of my blogging will be over at the Dork Tower Patreon page, I blame #PandemicBrain.

So here is the last-minute low-down:

$10,000 Goal – I wear the Duck of Doom on my helmet for the ride. PASSED.
$11,000 – I will wear the tentacles again (pictured above). PASSED.
$12,000 – Daughter, Age 11, will ride 10 miles with me. PASSED.
$14,000 – Comics legend Gail Simone will write a limerick for the ride, which I will illustrate. All backers will get a PDF of this. PASSED.
$15,000 – the Gail Simone limerick will be included as a signed mini-print for swag-level ($25 and up) backers. PASSED.

$16,000 – (Final stretch-goal) – I will wear BOTH ducks on my helmet (pictured above)!

Every year, this ride helps the FairShare CSA Coalition bring fresh, organic food from Dane County, WI, farms to low-income families in the Madison area.

It’s an amazing local charity, helping farmers as well as low-income families. But obviously, this year, the need is greater.

The Army of Dorkness (this means YOU!) has become hugely important to this campaign, raising more than $90,000 over the past seven years! You all are AMAZING!

If you have the means, please support Insane Charity Bike Ride 2020!

Aside from making me cycle a very long distance (now with a duck on my head), here’s what I’ll send you, in return.
1) EACH and EVERY pledge will get a pdf of the limericks Neil Gaiman, Patrick Rothfuss and now Gail Simone created for the ride, illustrated by me. PLUS, a pdf copy of both charity coloring books I drew.
2) A pledge of $25  gets the signed 2020 MUNCHKIN CHARITY POSTCARD! Created exclusively for donors of this ride, this will let you start one game of Munchkin at Level 3. And now, of course, the Gail Simone limerick mini-print, as well as the PDF limericks and coloring books.
3) A pledge $50 will get all of the above, plus a unique-to-this-ride ARMY OF DORKNESS Sergeant button!
4) A pledge $125 will get all of the above, plus last year’s GAMEHOLE CON plushie – the Displacer Kitten! 2 of 10 left)
5) A pledge of $175 will get you this year’s postcard, the Sergeant button, plus all seven previous Charity postcards! (These are running low, and this is probably the last year this can be offered).  (4 of 10 left)
6) A pledge of $250 will get you this year’s postcard, the Sergeant button, and an ORIGINAL PIECE OF MUNCHKIN CARD ART. This is the only way you can get original Munchkin card art – I never sell it. I choose my favorite pieces to send to ride backers. The art will be from a classic Munchkin core set or supplement. You also get the button, and this year’s postcard. (22 of 30 left)
7) A $500 pledge gets you the postcard, the button, the PDFs, the Displacer Kitten plushie, the Original Munchkin art,  the Owlbear backpack, and next year’s GameholeCon Plushie, the Blink Puppy!  (This will be mailed to you as soon as we receive them). (2 of 10 remaining).
8) A $1,500 pledge means EITHER (a) I will paint a cartoon portrait of you, and/or your family (up to five members), and/or your pets, either digitally (for use on cards, etc.) or physical (acrylics on canvas, 14″ x 16″ or larger). Or (b) You get to star in an original DORK TOWER comic, and also get to keep the original artwork! You also get a piece of Munchkin art, the current postcard, the pdfs and the badge. (3 of 4 remaining)
Oh, and if you’re also a Dork Tower Patreon supporter, or have backed The Tao of Igor Kickstarter, you will also receive this unique-to-this-ride Army of Dorkness button, featuring Gilly!
Anyway, there you have it. INSANE CHARITY BIKE RIDE 2020. Help me help farmers get fresh food to local low-income families. Or simply do it to force a second duck upon my head.  Your choice.
You’ll still be able to donate, and get swag, for a couple of weeks after the event. But the shot at that second duck? Gone, after Sunday.
– John

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