Updates! We gots Updates!


I’m rushing to catch a plane to London (wheeeee!), but here are some quick updates:

  • I shall be at London’s Dragonmeet this Saturday (Dec. 1), which will mark my first signing of the new EXIT PURSUED BY A MUSKRAT cards. My booth times are 11 am and 3 pm. Be kind to my jetlagged self.

  • Life got busy this week, because a giant, huge, +10 to Monster announcement dropped: CMON AND STEVE JACKSON GAMES PARTNER FOR MUNCHKIN BOARD GAMES (their all-caps, not mine. But still…wow-eee!) This is big, big, big, and I shall be working closely with my pals at CMON on the art side of things. I believe (but don’t quote me – look it up) MUNCHKIN ARCADIA QUEST is first up!



  • All INSANE CHARITY BIKE RIDE goodies are finished and at the printers. Possibly even returning home to me. There is still chance that we can get stuff to folks before Christmas. No promises, but if it happens, I demand a DORK TOWER CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!


  • Regardless, this will be by far the quickest we’ve ever gotten the goodies out. HUGE thanks to David Michael and Alex Aulisi for the help!



  • There are lots of typos in this. I’m rushing to a plane. Thanks for looking past them.

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