Updates! We gots Updates!

HEY, GANG! I’m rushing to catch a plane to London (wheeeee!), but here are some quick updates: I shall be at London’s Dragonmeet this Saturday (Dec. 1), which will mark my first signing of the new EXIT PURSUED BY A MUSKRAT cards. My booth times are 11 am and 3 pm. Be kind to my […]

Madison’s Self-Hating Toys-R-Us Store

  THIS HOLIDAY SEASON, Madison’s self-hating Toys-R-Us asked the question “Why Shop For Toys? WHY?” (no – really it did)… A bit existential, for a toy store. Particularly a big-box one. Still, questioning the reason for one’s existence is seldom a bad thing… (The covered-up bit reads “Anywhere Else.” Design and placement matter, people!) — […]

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