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Lucky Lucca


Lucky Lucca by which I mean LUCKY ME! I’m typing this over breakfast, at the KLM lounge in Schipol airport, outside of Amsterdam. My traveling companion is having a lager, apparently. I believe I’ll stick with the bloody Mary’s. Actually, forget the bloody Mary. Campari and Orange looks just like a delightful Mango smoothie, AND NOBODY WILL JUDGE […]

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This Will be a Cake Long Remembered


THIS Will be a Cake Long Rememberd One morning, you wake up, and you realize Daughter, Age 5, is about to turn six. And she wants a cake with Ewoks on it. Actually, she really wants Elsa powers and the Force. But that’s Santa’s job in a month or two, not mine. Anyway, the last couple […]

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More Inktober! Today’s Inktober sketchy sketch – the dreaded OWLBEAR! Fear it! FEAR IT! Or should that be “Inkto-BEAR” ha ha ha ha see what I did there? Also, yesterday’s Inktober sketchy sketch: nothing against the good people of the Mattel corporation, who do great things with Apples to Apples, but nobody there seems to “get” how to draw the […]

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The Colors of Ackbeer


The Colors of Ackbeer! Thanks to Steve Hamaker, cartoonist and award-winning colorist, plus all-around great guy, Admiral Ackbeer now looks super-spiffy! Here’s my original version: Color theory has never been my thing. Coloring has never been my thing. The colorists I work with are like alchemists, to me.  Magical alchemists. Possibly with fairy wings. Riding unicorns, […]

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Maor Inktober! Plus: Munchkin Postcards!


Maor Inktober! Plus: Munchkin Postcards! What would a pumpkin drink? Early-morning warm-up sketch!   Daughter, Age 5, loves drawing with me, early in the mornings. I find this Daddy/Daughter Drawing Time one of the most delightful times of my day. Here’s what she drew, this morning, at the same time, by my side – Obi-Wan and Anakin on Tatooine:  In […]

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Inktober Day 1


Inktober Day 1: Morning warm-up sketch. Gilly as Batgirl. I made  couple of small mistakes on this one (FAKE GEEK GUY!), but that’s why they call it a warm-up sketch! I wanted to try and capture sheer joy on Gilly’s face. Adding the grimacing gargoyle-like Duck-of-Doomish thing below here was an idea at the end. What’s Inktober? It’s […]

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Munchkin TREASURE HUNT: art notes Last year, I was given the list of new projects I’d be illustrating for Steve Jackson Games. Immediately, I noticed something unusual. Note: when I say “something unusual,” this was not the normal kind of “unusual” Munchkin thing I’ve grown to expect from Steve and Andrew. You know – the “draw a Munchkin hiding […]

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Via Duck

15 miles in. Still smiling! Still self-conscious!

60 Miles via Duck! So, last Sunday, this happened:   I did in fact bike 60 miles (and survive) with a duck on my head, and plush tentacles wrapped around my body like the loving embrace of a Great Old One. And you guys got together to raise an astonishing $13,500 for the CSA Fairshare coalition. (Overall, the […]

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IT’S BIKE TIME! Gaiman, Rothfuss, et al helping out beyond words!


The Last Insane Charity Bike Ride Update: Tour De Duck 2014 – IT’S BIKE TIME! OK, guys – with four days to go until my 60-mile charity bike ride, we blew past $10,000 raised! This is, to put it bluntly, stupefying. And there’s still time for you to make a donation/pledge! The Bike the Barns ride raises critical […]

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There once was a Duck on a Bike…


Insane Charity Bike Ride UPDATE 5! Six Days to Go! This is crazy, guys – we’re up to $9,100 raised for my insane 60-mile one-day bike ride, with the good folks from Bike the Barns! And there are only six days to go! So, here’s the thing: we obviously have a shot at hitting $10,000, and I say WE GO […]

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