The Tao of Igor – Day One!

Oh my goodness!


The Tao of Igor” funded in less than a day, and you wonderful people have already smashed through the first stretch goal!

This is humbling and amazing, and…and… and this is also SO MUCH FUN!

There will be a new Dork Tower collection out! 

Oh, my goodness!

This couldn’t have happened without you (which, I believe, is the whole point of Kickstarter, but still, it feels ridiculously magical when it happens)!

Doubly wonderful is seeing all the Dork Tower Patreon backers who are also supporting the Kickstarter! Looks like we’re going to have to print up a lot of “Double Agent” Army of Dorkness buttons, along with all those “Drunken Master” buttons.

There are some incredibly fun stretch goals lined up. As each one falls, we’ll unveil another, to come. The next goal is to improve the collection’s cover stock. Then? The first ever Army of Dorkness certificates!

We’ll try not to send more than two or three updates, each week. If you’d like to see me melt down in real time, there’s always my Twitter feed! (I’m @muskrat_john there).

In the meantime, I believe today deserves a hearty “HUZZAH!”

“The Tao of Igor” must be ours, and now, it will be!

THANK YOU ALL! This is amazing!

Since I’m in great danger of getting incredibly emotional about this (“soppy,” we called it, when I was growing up in England), I’ll let Igor close out this update, as only Igor can.

It seems appropriate.



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