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The Spoiler Blame Game


  When are we officially allowed to talk about this? Surely the Internet has set a date. I *really* want to talk about this. — John Kovalic (@muskrat_john) December 18, 2015 Who’s at fault when a movie gets spoiled?  My take: Opening weekend, the fault is 100% on the person (here simply known as “the Spoiler”) leaking the spoiler. […]

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Star Wars Openings, Past and Present

Star Wars Openings, Past: STAR WARS (1977) – I’d read about “Star Wars” crossing the Atlantic, on a 747, possibly listening to Fleetwood Mac on the god-awful earbuds you rented from the airlines for $4, back then. I was 14, and the summer holidays were upon us. We were returning Stateside to visit my grandparents, and drive across […]

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DM Me (Part II)


Here’s the thing: Not long after painting minis again, and running my first DMing sessions in, what, 15 years for my nieces and nephews, I stumbled across some old files I’d saved. My campaign maps from the late 80s and early 90s. And lightbulbs went off. The Southern Lands are not particularly auspicious, as roleplaging campaigns go. […]

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DM me! (Part I)

Schnick and Schnack lead the way!

Last weekend, for the first time in maybe 15 years (and possibly – gulp – more), I DM’ed me some Dungeons and Dragons. This may come as a surprise to some folks, given the roleplaying cred of my comic strip, Dork Tower. It sure shocked the heck out of me, once I did the maths. Don’t […]

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Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck.


Yesterday’s DORK TOWER: I am all four characters, though the last panel is (I think) obviously most me. Much has been shown to us, at this point, from Episode VII. More than there ever was for Episode I, by far. So though this was my reaction to the first Episode I trailer, way back when…I […]

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Owl bears are here! Or rather, there!


OK, guys – act fast on this one! If you missed GameHoleCon, and want one of the Owlbesr plushies that I designed, Noble Knight Games in Janesville, WI, has some. I’m not sure how many they have, but they tweeted that supplies are limited. The plushies are $22.50, at the moment, and I’m told by a reader that even […]

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Get Mini


Hey, gang! I’m pretty much feeling 100% better. Thanks for asking. But I’ve an appointment with the surgeon Wednesday, and await his official verdict. I haven’t seen him since I was wheeled into surgery, two weeks ago, and I sort of want to greet him with “So you’re the sonofabitch who knifed me!” But I […]

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I love Paris

(Image via @jean_jullien)

  “I prefer liberty with danger than peace with slavery.” ― Jean-Jacques Rousseau Given the news from Paris and Beirut, Friday night, everything else seems ridiculously small. I love Paris. Judith and I honeymooned there. We went back for our 10th anniversary. We’ll be back for your 20th. I’ve been there many, many times on my […]

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The Force Is Strong in this Trailer

Page 089Promo

This week, I’m running some new strips that should have run a couple of weeks ago. But didn’t. Because Gallbladder. They were all drawn (but not yet scanned in) and everything, and then…BLAM! As a reader noted on my Twitter feed, the Gallbladder is the worst Batman Golden Age villain. Anyway, instead of forgetting about these […]

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So How’s It Going?


Hey, all, A lot of people have been asking how I’m doing. In other circumstances, I should be in London right now, visiting my family. My sister, a surgeon, said absolutely no way should I be flying transatlantic, following surgery. So I won’t. She’s a top-notch doctor, one of the best, a member of the Royal […]

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