TAO NOW – Thursday, Nov. 18

I’d forgotten I’d committed to taking over the Overture Center’s Instagram account, today, as I’ve got a piece in their “Everything Covid” exhibit. Less work done today than I’d hoped. Staying off the internet is usually a good thing. The first actual piece of work I managed to get to wasn’t until 11:30. My best days begin with me getting a ton of work done in the morning.

I realize I said I’d keep these things short, but I just wanted to talk a bit about my afternoon routine.

My 13-year-old gets out of school at 3:45. However, I have to be there by 3:10 to be one of the first in the car line, to pick her up, otherwise I won’t get her until 4 or 4:10. It’s just the way the car line works, at her school. So I try to bring my iPad Pro with me so I can at least get a little extra work done, while waiting.

After this, there were errands to run, three stops, quick ones, but still, we didn’t get home until 5:10.

Of course, now, supper preparation begins. It was family Pizza/Popcorn/Movie night, moved up from Friday, as I’m appearing on the Trash Heroes live-play 5E campaign, as a guest.

Anyway, if you want a fantastic pizza recipe, we now use King Arthur’s Cheesy Crispy Pan Pizza. It’s virtually foolproof (and I’m the fool to prove it.) Despite what the recipe dictates, I can start the dough in the morning – or even around lunchtime, in extreme circumstances (today) – and have amazing pizza out of the oven by 6 pm. for that night.

I’m still getting comments back from the proofreaders. These are easy changes, but I need to keep them all straight, so that Layout Guru Hal knows which pages need replacing.

Trying to find a non-ableist word to use, instead of “Lame.” I’m hoping “Weaksauce” works. If not, then “Weak.”

Spent a couple of hours fixing page 192.I’m not sure what the heck happened to it. A bad scan, a while back (Months? Years?), or a poor transfer. the line quality was incredibly jagged.

I was mostly able to fix it on the iPad Pro while the family was watching “The Book of Life” for movie night. But still, ARGH!

Heartening to see that pages 192-194 (drawn and scanned in at the same time) do not have this problem.

  • John

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