May Day! May Day!

HAPPY MAY DAY, also known as “Traveller Day,” in certain enlightened circles! Shout-out to the great Marc Miller (HI, Marc!), creator of my favorite roleplaying game ever, and architect of the reason I flunked out of Astrophysics at Queen Mary College London (eventually transferring to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the rest is history). (Ironically […]

Dirk Starworthy, We Hardly Knew Ye…

  Thirty years ago, more or less, I drew my first true gaming comic. It was based on the little black books of the Traveller roleplaying game – my perenial favorite. I drew it for a ‘zine based in London, Alien Star. Alien Star was created by a chap who ran the Minifigs store near…um…Victoria, […]

MUSKRAT RAMBLINGS, Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Muskrat Ramblings Gen Conniption posted by John As you may have guessed from yesterday’s cartoon, I won’t be at Gen Con this year. In fact, looking at the calendar, it strikes me I haven’t been to Gen Con for…um…oh, dear. Seven years? Srsly? Wow. The first Indianapolis Gen Con was the last I was at. […]


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