Spirit of Halloweens Past

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I grow old. I grow old/I shall make my daughter dress like Ben Folds.

Yes, Paradigm Shift #2072 has been come to pass, in the last week and a half, since fatherhood began.

To wit: I could now care less as to what I’ll wear for Halloween.

From this point on, it’s all about what Louisa will dress like for Halloween.

We’ll spend the night with our good friends, the Witters, watching Trick or Treaters come and go to their downtown Middleton doorstep. In all honesty, that strikes me as a lot more fun than dressing up and hitting State Street, all the while trying to avoid the drunken douchebags – I’m sorry, “revellers” -as has been the Madison tradition lo these many years.

Still, though a palpable sense of change has come over me, vis All Hallow’s Eve, prior years DID provide their moments of enjoyment.

Exhibit A: The “Yes, I’ve Got Medieval Garb, TOO,” years
Striking, verilly, but as original as med students wearing scrubs for Halloween.

Exhibit B: The “Hey, let’s make an EFFORT this year,” years
Judith and I combined as Mitch and Mickey, from “A Mighty Wind.” And it was mighty fun. Despite the fact that I had all of Mitch’s wardrobe, including the glasses, on hand. At least Judith had to buy her Mickey garb…

Exhibit C: The “My Favorite Year,” years
Judith and I did Groucho and Harpo. Groucho Marx has always been a comic hero of mine, so I was overjoyed that we were able to pull this off – nay, channel Uncle Julius…

Goodbye to all that, for the moment at least.

Louisa will spend part of the night as a pumpkin, part as a pussycat.

How long as each, of course, depends on the diaper situation.

Me? I’m going to Halloween as Louisa’s dad, and it’s my favorite costume ever.

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