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The Path to a Munchkin Pathfinder Cover


I should be in Hannover, right now, getting ready for the big 20th anniversary party of Hannover Spielt. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate. Most of yesterday afternoon was spent at Dane County Regional Airport, watching the weather reports from Minneapolis and Detroit. It made for fine television, really. Much better than watching cable news […]

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DORK TOWER, Monday, April 4, 2011

OK, so…last Friday’s cartoon, and announcement, was part of an April Fool’s funnery between Alina Pete of Weregeek, Tarol Hunt of Goblins, and myself. I announced that – as I was too busy – I was quitting DORK TOWER, and that Alina would be taking over. If you clicked through the links (some of you […]


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DORK TIDINGS 11.11.10 NaNoWriMo? NoNoNoNo!

Muskrat Ramblings NaNoWriMo? NoNoNoNo posted by John So if you follow my Twitter Feed or catch my facebook page, you might have heard tell that I’ll be doing a regular podcast with WEREGEEK’s Alina Pete and GOBLINS‘ Tarol Hunt. We’re trying to get a few in the can, to work out the bugs and have […]

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