D-Day Minus One…

These last couple of days have brought about a slew of e-mails from people that run along the lines of “remember that (fill in the blank) you promised us? Well, we need it, like, NOW, Chester!” So there are some more small projects added to yesterday’s list. I am SO looking forward to the Vienna […]

Monday Morning Clearinghouse

1) A friend alerted me to a FARK Curious George contest. Apparently, someone managed to dig up my old Bi-Curious George image. Not sure where they found it, because it also marked my first Cease-And-Desist letter (from Houghton Mifflin). Since I was also doing work for Houghton Mifflin at the time, I decided to both […]

Name that Username!

Today’s Dork Tower (which should be up on the Dork Tower LiveJounal Feed soon) was inspired by the fact that, when I finally got on the LiveJournal kick, the following user names were taken: DorkTower DorkTowers Muskrat ArtBoy Now, in no way do I feel the way Matt does about ANY of the people who […]

Diva Las Vegas

I’m back in Madison (at last), and slowly getting over yesterday’s flights. I’ll try and write up a full report of my GAMA trip as soon as I can, but the summary is: Tuesday: Met lots and lots and lots or retailers. Won $4 on Froggy Machine (a silly frog-based nickle slot-machine called “Flip-Flop” that […]

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