D-Day Minus One…

These last couple of days have brought about a slew of e-mails from people that run along the lines of “remember that (fill in the blank) you promised us? Well, we need it, like, NOW, Chester!”

So there are some more small projects added to yesterday’s list.

I am SO looking forward to the Vienna Fantasy Gaming Convention. It’s just getting out from under this mountain of work before then that’s making everything insane.

But there have been some small pieces of good news that have put everything in perspective.

* I saw an actor pal of mine, Bill Blair, in a brief bit on Curb Your Enthusiasm. It was way cool seeing him on HBO, if even for a few seconds. He’s just a great guy. If you get to see him at a con this summer, I don’t think you’ll run into a nicer fellow.

* My VERY good friend Steve’s new show, This Just In (on Spike network) is hilarious. Politically, yeah, I’m not really its target demographic. In fact, I’m probably the last person on the planet earth the show is aimed for: some of the material makes me cringe. But it’s well done and funny as heck, and Steve loves making liberals cringe (when we were at the UW together, he worked for the conservative student newspaper, the Badger Herald, and I worked for the ultra-lefty Daily Cardinal, so I’m used to it. And anyway, Air America is on the air, so I can always listen to that later). I was visiting Steve in LA when it got greenlit last fall, so it’s VERY cool seeing it come to fruition for him.

* Presumably abducted UW-Madison student Audry Seiler has been found alive! This is fantastic news. The weird thing, of course, is that she was found about two miles from my house. So all those live shots you saw on CNN today? Yup. That’s right by my hood. It’s weird hearing the helicopters outside as you’re watching them on the news. But really, this story puts absolutely EVERY minor peeve of the last week in stark, cold perspective.

There’s a lot of crummy stuff that happens in this world. Grabbing onto good news every now and then is really nice. And I’m really NOT worried about the fact that the police, looking for a knife-wielding suspect, seem to be moving towards my house…




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