Cats, Compilations and Comicbooks

Today’s cartoon’s garnered some really nice feedback, so I’m in kinda a good mood. I thought this one would go over well, but sometimes you’re just not sure… By the way, Pookie’s leap in panel two isn’t the first time I’ve drawn a cat like this. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far […]

The Writing Life

OK. I used to be a journalist. I thought this writing gig was easy. I could crank out a thousand words — good words — on deadline, within an hour, and cackle insanely while doing so (cackling insanely is, I believe, important if you want to be taken seriously as a writer). Then I quit […]

Little Mascara

I spent far too much money on CDs yesterday, picking up the soundtrack to “The Tao of Steve,” a couple of discs from my college days (The Replacements’ “Let It Be” and “Tim”) and one of the many new monosyllabic plural bands (The Strokes, The Vines, The Hives, etc., etc.) out there: The Shins with […]

Creatures and Cartoonists

“What’s that you say below, John? You did the art for the new edition of “Creatures and Cultists”?” Why, yes…yes I did, thanks for asking. The art’s all done, and the game is in layout. I’d expect it to be available sometime this summer. Here is the info from Eos Press: The legendary Furiously Fuggly […]

Friday wrap-up!

There was a question posed recently on the Chez Geek mailing list: I’ve always been curious, why do these ($16) games all come in such flimsy little paper boxes? I mean, chez geek is a relatively expensive game, compared to something like set, which costs 11 bucks, and comes in a nice plastic case for […]

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