Name that Username!

Today’s Dork Tower (which should be up on the Dork Tower LiveJounal Feed soon) was inspired by the fact that, when I finally got on the LiveJournal kick, the following user names were taken:





Now, in no way do I feel the way Matt does about ANY of the people who grabbed these names before I did. Indeed, it was even a bit flattering to know someone wanted to use DorkTower as their handle.

Plus, let’s be frank, I arrived at this whole LJ thing a bit late in the game. Nobody’s fault but mine. Do I wish I’d come up with a less lame handle than “muskrat_john”? Well, yeah, but that’s in the past now. (Why just “Kovalic” never occurred to me, I’m not sure. Many things never occur to me until it’s too late. Like not making jokes about the Atkins diet when good friends who may be ON the Atkins diet are sitting at the same table as me. Long story. Bygones.)

I’m basically used to “Muskrat” – my favorite handle – being taken whenever I sign up for things. Although maybe I should shy away from that one. When I was on AOL (many, MANY moons ago), several users assumed I was female because of it, which made for some REAL interesting conversations in the chatrooms (“What’s your cup size, baby?” “Uh…a pint glass?”)

Anyhoo, this cartoon idea made me giggle a little. So I went with it.

As a wise scribbler once said, “Never let the facts get in the way of a good cartoon…”

John (happy to be home)


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