Monday Morning Clearinghouse

1) A friend alerted me to a FARK Curious George contest. Apparently, someone managed to dig up my old Bi-Curious George image. Not sure where they found it, because it also marked my first Cease-And-Desist letter (from Houghton Mifflin). Since I was also doing work for Houghton Mifflin at the time, I decided to both Cease *and* Desist without much fuss.

In case you missed your chance at getting a fabulous Bi-Curious George T-shirt for the short amount of time they were up on Cafe Press, the cartoon it was based on appears at the end of this rambling. Now available in LJ Icon form! Feel free to snag it, if you’d like. I believe I’m on safe legal ground as long as I make no money from this. Sigh. Story of my life. Grin.

2) A reader wanted to know whether I could incorporate Polyamory into the Dork Tower storyline. Seriously. On a related note, a friend on the >Adult Dork Tower Mailing List (yes, there IS such a thing) earlier asked me whether I would mind if some readers did some Adult Dork Tower fanfic. I believe this is the only time I ever said yes…yes, that would freak me out a little…

3) Dork Tower #27 is almost off to press. I’m finishing the last few pages now! It’s expanded to 48 pages. 21 pages of Dork Tower, as always, though…

4) The working title for the next Dork Tower trade paperback (the collected Dork Tower Volume VII) is now “The Dork Side of the Goon.” It will collect Dork Tower issues 25, 26, 27 and the Clicky Special, along with a bunch more of the web comics. As always, it’ll be 160 pages for $15.99. Here’s the basic image for the cover.

I’m not sure if this works or not (right now I kinda like it, but that can change). Anyway, I’ve got about a month before it solicits, so we’ll see…what are YOUR thoughts on the cover?

5) I’ve been asked to design a T-shirt for Ropecon, in Finland. Yay! And even though I won’t be there, I’ll also be doing a shirt for the fun folks at Hannoverspiel!

6) This sucks. I’ve got to turn down about five convention invitations today. Sometime I’ll write about the serious case of stage fright I always get at conventions. Which isn’t why I’m turning these down: it’s just best for everybody when I’m behind a drawing table.

7) I came up with a new drink during the GAMA trade show. Since this was at a party hosted by Peter Adkison (at the Mandalay Bay – wow, it was awesome), I think I’m gonna call this either a Sweet And Sour Pete or a Gencontini.

* 2 shots of Grapefruit Vodka
* 1 shot of Lime Juice
* 1 shot orange juice
* 1 shot cranberry juice
* 1/2 shot sugar syrup

Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake. Serve in a large martini glass, with a twist of orange peel.

8) It looks like the cartoons here at will continue with the Tuesday/Thursday updates until I get back from Europe. I hope to be officially back on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday timetable soon after that, though.



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