Diva Las Vegas

I’m back in Madison (at last), and slowly getting over yesterday’s flights.

I’ll try and write up a full report of my GAMA trip as soon as I can, but the summary is:

Tuesday: Met lots and lots and lots or retailers. Won $4 on Froggy Machine (a silly frog-based nickle slot-machine called “Flip-Flop” that The Lovely and Talented Judith and I are quite fond of). Got hit with insomnia and had one hour of sleep. Caught some kind of Lurgi-based disease from Ken Hite, who in turn blamed it on Tasha Robinson, the Onion writer.

Wednesday: Had lots and lots and lots of meetings. Won $2 on video poker. Took lots and lots of medicine.

Thursday: Flew to Madison at 6:30 am. All flights into and out of Chicago were delayed due to weather. Since I had to fly both into and out of Chicago, I finally arrived home at 4 pm.

Of course, there was much fun in between all this, and I got to see lots of cool new games, hang out with old friends (and catch colds from them) and in general have an outstanding (if exhausting) time. There’s also a few cool things on the burner concerning Dork Tower and Dr. Blink that will come out of the trip, but I can’t really announce these until some pieces of paper are signed. More on this later.

In the meantime, Diamond Comics has let it be know that I can now announce that Free Comic Book Day 2004 will feature ANOTHER Dork Storm comic: The Best of Dork Storm #2! It’ll be chock-full of all-new Dork Tower, Dr. Blink, Nodwick and PS 238 goodness. I believe it will also be available through Alliance distribution, so be sure and bug your Friendly Neighborhood Comics Stores as well as your friendly Neighborhood Games Stores for your free copies!

Since that’s kind of a low-res file, here’s a close-up of the Dr. Blink half of the cover. Geeze, Chris is just an amazingly talented artist. It’s always a highlight of my day when he sends new Dr. Blink pages.

And speaking of the good Doctor, Dr. Blink issue #0 is soliciting NOW in most major distributor catalogs (Diamond PREVIEWS, etc., etc.) I’d really appreciate it if people could bug their local comics and games stores for this. Since it’s an unknown title, it would be a HUGE help! Don’t make me beg! Wait a sec…I’m already begging…oh, well. I’m a cartoonist. I’m used to it…grin…

Oh, yes. Last but not least. NEW Dork Tower comic strips up on the web site starting Monday!

John (happy to be home)


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