The Golden Age

In putting together the 2018-2019 DORK TOWER 20th ANNIVERSARY CALENDAR, it amused me to see how some old strips aged well, while others didn’t. Here’s one from 2004 – the first of Dork Tower’s Comics Buyer’s Guide run. I declared it a “Golden Age of Marvel Comics movies.” 2017 me shakes his head… But you […]

Welcome Back…

Hi there! It’s been, what (Takes out pocket watch. Glances at it.) four months since I’ve posted any updates here? OOPS! Oh, ha. What an absent-minded silly I can be. (Puts watch away. Gets ready to bolt.) Eeeek. Um, errrr…what can I say? It’s been a busy time, and I’m sorry things have slipped a bit, on […]

I’m going to Brazil in a week or so. This still blows my mind.   Though I missed much of GameHoleCon (“The Best Three Days In Gaming With the Worst Name ™”), two days after the medics cut me, Alex Kammer dropped by the house with a surprise. World’s. Largest. Owlbear.

The Origins of Carson

Here’s a little Holiday treat from the guys at! Don’t see the animated comic above? Here’s some advice from the animator: Sounds like your Quicktime plugin is pointed to try and handle Flash… I just checked with one of my friends whose computer didn’t bring up the cartoon and here’s what worked: Go to […]

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