TAO NOW – Sunday, 5 December

I’m in London this week, for my sister’s 50th birthday.

I’d intended this to be a bit more of a break from work, but with TAO still uncompleted, I’m finishing off more pages.

This is OK. Working on TAO is great fun. (Though it will be even more fun once it’s done.)

I’m hoping to get another seven to ten pages to the proofreaders in the next day or two. This should leave one final batch of seven pages, and then the afterword, the Acknowledgements/Thank-You page, and a brief after-credits scene.

Obviously, updating this working diary on a daily basis has not happened, but I have been making daily progress. This morning was fantastic. I was up at 6 am, and worked through to about 1, with a morning break thrown in there.

  • John

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