(This strip first ran in 2012, for the 90th birthday of Charles M. Schulz.)

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Hoth or Not?

Ewok or Wookie? Last week, while staying with my pal Steve, I couldn’t help but notice his dogs , Lambeau and Lovey – LOOK, He enjoys football, OK? – bore a striking resemblance to…let’s not mince words here…Ewoks. Excitedly, I took a couple of snaps, and sent them to my Ewok-Crazed Daughter, Age 5. Seriously. She’s all about the Ewoks. […]

Super Happy Robot Cartoon Monkey Robot Perfect Tweet Fun Hour

DORK ADDENDA: For those who don’t get the original reference (yes, I know I probably out-obscured myself):

There’s a semi-famous New Yorker cartoon from years ago that runs “On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog.” (In fact, if you google “On the internet,” this is the first thing that comes up).

I wanted to use this, but I also wanted to acknowledge that, though the Panel 3 gag is a fairly silly one, many people wouldn’t get it, and it wouldn’t be nearly as good as Matt thought it was…

Here’s the original cartoon: http://bit.ly/9Vzs

So, yes…just me being obscure and silly with something.

Wow. The original cartoon is 17 years old. I feel teh ancient…

(Today’s strip, it should go without saying, is with deepest apologies to @dog).


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