Here’s something I drew, yesterday. For something new. That could be Kobold-related. In fact, possibly a FEW Kobold-related things to talk about, soon. But not now. Not now. In the meantime…in the meantime…I’m drawing new art. For…something. ALL HAIL KING TORG! here’s another sketch I’m working on. NEW KOBOLDY GOODNESS IS NOT JUST A ONE-OFF, […]

Super Happy Stealing It Back Fun Hour

OK. A small bit of explanation here. Apparently someone with a Pinterest took this DORK TOWER comic and made THIS with it.

Which is all fine and cool and everything – well, except for the unattributed part. And it looking like carp, and everything.

Anyway, I’m all for folks playing with my stuff, but I’d rather it didn’t look awful – and that there was attribution – before they go mini-viral, which this has. It’s gotten thousands and thousands of shares on Facebook, alone.

Anyway, that cat is really and truly out of the bag, but I thought I’d re-do it, so that at least there’s ONE version that looks a bit better. And which I may be able to make T-shirts of. 🙂

So go on – share away. With THIS one, anyway!



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