Here’s something I drew, yesterday.

For something new.

That could be Kobold-related.

In fact, possibly a FEW Kobold-related things to talk about, soon.

But not now. Not now.

In the meantime…in the meantime…I’m drawing new art. For…something.


Super Happy Kobolds Fun Hour

here’s another sketch I’m working on. NEW KOBOLDY GOODNESS IS NOT JUST A ONE-OFF, FOLKS!

Super Happy Kobolds 23 Fun Hour


The “Your Dice Really Do Hate You” posters arrived, yesterday! Huzzah, huzzah!

Super Happy Hateful Dice Fun Hour

These are lovely, high-res posters that will be free in an upcoming issue of Game Trade Magazine! As soon as I find out which issue, I’ll spread the word.

I’ll also have some copies with me at whatever cons I’ll happen to be at – at least until they run out. The posters, that is…not the cons.

If you want one right away, I have smaller downloads available you’ll have to print our yourself. For free, though!

Massive thanks to Mike Webb and Emily Eickhogg at Alliance Distribution, as well as Monica Valintinelli on Team Muskrat, for making sure this became a thing!

—- John


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