Super Happy Spoiler Alert Fun Hour

DORK ADDENDA: When I have time, I’ll re-do these graphs, with TIME as the horizontal axis. So as not to hurt people’s brains.

Yes, I really do know how graphs work, as my Economics Degree will attest. I just wan’t thinking…

HEY, KIDS! Free comic books!

FREE COMIC BOOKS! Hey, gang! There are a couple of cool sales of my stuff going on at the moment. Honestly, it’s sorta difficult keeping up with them all. But I share, because I love! Also because I like paying rent. We’ll get to the free comics in a minute… But first, FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING […]

MUSKRAT RAMBLINGS: "REPEATS," I repeat, are necessary evil. Let me REPEAT that…

Muskrat Ramblings “REPEATS,” I repeat, are necessary evil. Let me REPEAT that… posted by John Argh! Argh! Nearly two months since I blogged about anything? Bloody hell. OK. Life’s been busy. VERY busy. But I’m working hard to get things back under control. Part of “Getting things back under control” means getting ahead on Dork […]


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