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Super Happy Spoiler Alert Fun Hour

DORK ADDENDA: When I have time, I’ll re-do these graphs, with TIME as the horizontal axis. So as not to hurt people’s brains.

Yes, I really do know how graphs work, as my Economics Degree will attest. I just wan’t thinking…

Super Happy Fun Pupet Theater Hour


The archives are broken. VERY broken. We’re working on it. In the meantime, I hope this helps out at leasta little:

The entire archives, with links, earliest to latest –

The first strip itself can be found here:

Super Happy SyFy Fun Hour

NOTE: Dork Tower will only be running Tuesday and Thursday this week, again. Hope to be back to Monday-Wednesday-Friday SOON. Seriously. Tons of stuff being juggled…plans being layed…lain? Whatevs…

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