TOUR DE DUCK 2015: Duckupdate!


9afd230a-d547-41b7-8dde-ad5e464b252eFor various reasons, July was busy as hell.

Unfortunately, that put me behind in training for the Insane Charity Bike Ride 2015.

It also put me a month and a half behind plugging and hyping it.

It’s approximately six weeks until the ride…and I’ve lost six weeks of training. I’m trying to catch up now, but hoo-boy, this could hurt!

I’m also worried about my goal to raise $10,000 for the FairShare Coalition. In past years, the Army of Dorkness (YOU GUYS!) have been far and away their largest donors. The FairShare Coalition does great work, here in Dane County, supplementing low-income households by buying CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm boxes for them. So both the farmers and the families are helped.

Neil Gaiman penned a wonderful limerick for my Insane Charity Bike Ride 2014. This year, I’m illustrating it! (Pause here while John catches his breath and does not go screaming anything silly like “GUYS! I’M ILLUSTRATING SOMETHING NEIL GAIMAN WROTE! GUYS!” Nope. Act like a professional, John).

here-the-rimeThe only way you can see this hugely fun Gaiman piece? Donate to ride. Donate ANYTHING. Even the smallest amount you can afford will get you this, along with the updated EMBRACE THE SQUEE charity coloring book, now with new pages added! You’ll even get a chance to win one of five pieces of original Munchkin art!

Of course, if you can donate more, please do – there are lots more incentives this year!

  • $20 PLEDGE – you get a physical copy of the Neil Gaiman Tour De Duck limerick that I illustrated (GUYS!), as well as the brand-new MUNCHKIN CHARITY POSTCARD, signed by me, created exclusively for this ride (the postcard lets you start one game of Munchkin at level three. Three!)
  • $50 PLEDGE – all of the above, plus  the shiny ARMY OF DORKNESS Sergeant button! Your new position will come with privileges. Privileges I will come up with. Soon. But the button is cool. And you will be an official Sergeant in the Army of Dorkness!
  • $100 PLEDGE – all of the above, and a Limited Edition Tour De Duck 2015 cloisone pin! These are really lovely!
  • $200 PLEDGE – all of the above, and an original piece of MUNCHKIN card art. This is the only way you can get Munchkin art. I don’t sell my originals – I only offer them during charity events like this very one! Not many people have original MUNCHKIN art…but you can be one of life’s winners!
  • And if you pledge $1,000 or more? Guess what? You get to make a Guest Appearance in a Dork Tower comic strip, along with the original art of that strip, you crazy, generous goof, you! As well as all of the above, of course (including the original MUNCHKIN art).

The highest pledger also gets the original art to the Munchkin Charity Postcard for the 2015 ride, as well as everything else.

Here are the postcards from past rides: official and endorsed by Steve Jackson Games and everything!



See how cool they are? See how you crave them?


  • $10,000 –  I make the Insane Bike Ride that I’m Not Nearly Ready For while wearing the Duck of Doom on my helmet. Again.

IMG_1444 (2)


What? There will be stretch goals, too? YOU BET! As we hit various levels, I’ll add more swag, from more pals. And more humiliating things for me to wear while riding. I’m sure Andrew Hackard will think up something awful, again.

    • $11,000 – The Neil Gaiman limerick and illustration get included in the coloring book!
    • $12,000 – To be Announced if we make the other goals.

Look…not gonna lie. I’m panicked about this year’s ride. I’m behind schedule, and still not quite at 25% of my goal. I need your help here, gang! This is a great cause. Please donate, if you can. If you can’t, even helping spread the word helps!

– John


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