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We’re baaaaa-aaack!

Hi. It’s me. You know: Muskrat Boy.

Remember me?

Wouldn’t blame you if you don’t.

Point A: NEW DORK TOWER COMICS ARE GOING UP, ONLINE, AGAIN! In fact, they’ve already started. I know! I know! Please don’t faint.

Point B: Look – gotta be honest here. Did not mean to abandon you all for two months, there. I just sort of slipped up for a bit. Then kept slipping.

Things got busy. Really busy. Like, “illustrating five-to-six games in a month” busy. And then “opps – we let another game slip. Here’s an emergency two-week deadline on a project that we should have given you eight weeks for” busy.

December and January can be frantic months in the tabletop gaming world. Chinese New Year is the drop-dead deadline for many companies whose Very Important Projects have to get to press, should they have any hope of making it in time for the Big Summer Convention Season.

And the Big Summer Convention Season is the drop-dead deadline to start building momentum towards the all-important fourth quarter holiday sales.

So, anyway, even though it’s an annual event, Chinese New Year always seems to take the gaming industry by surprise. And by “the gaming industry,” I mean “me.” But this year was crazier than ever. Some of the projects I was working on haven’t been announced yet, but lemme think about which of the projects that hit that I can actually blab about:

Plus a trip Munchkin World in New York.

But yeah, add to the above list three VERY big things I can’t even hint at, yet. There’s also stuff I’ve been working on I know forgetting.

Point being, I take pride in hitting deadlines, these days. And I make sure I keep in communication with the companies I work with, to let them know how well things are going.

But I haven’t been communicating with you guys, here. And I apologize for that. Every week, though, I thought “this is the week I start getting comics online again.” But something else would come up.

Much as with the Dork Tower comic book, I stopped the web strip series n the middle of a big, fun story. It’s one I really like, and one that deserved not to be abandoned 1/3 or the way through.

So, right now, I’ll be playing catch-up, to finish off the Gilly Returns to Mud Bay storyline. As it’s a holiday-period series, I’ll be back-dating them. Also, I’s rather it not look like Matt’s been on that darned bus two months, now.

As this unintended hiatus dragged on, and I got hit with more and more “Real World” work (if, indeed, you call drawing silly cartoon animals for games “Real World”), I still managed to build up a two-week backlog of Dork Towers, to save for an emergency.

I also have some guest artists lined up. I hope to run a week of guest strips every quarter.

Anyway, it’ll take a few weeks before Dork Tower is up to speed again, but it’s back.

Thanks for your patience. I’ll do updating better.

You guys are the best!


PS: Also there should be more stuff here on the blog. There’s so much going on, that I can easily post some small updates three-to-five days a week. But I’d also like to write some longer posts. I’ve had lots to think about, these last two months.



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