Fake Geek Fail and the Beetle Bailey Test

To be clear: I think “Tales From the Con” is a fine webcomic, and I’ve enjoyed reading through its archives. Well drawn, and good gags. Many cosplayer-friendly strips, too. The unfortunate strip published today, however, put a thought in my mind. Certain as I am that this particular “Tales From The Con” wasn’t meant as […]

Gerry Anderson, RIP

  Gerry Anderson passed away, today, according to the Guardian. He was 83 years old. A 1970s Thunderbird 2 Dinky was one of my favorite toys, ever. I mean, seriously, yes: Thunderbirds; UFO; Captain Scarlet; Stingray; et al. But that toy…that toy…to me, Thunderbird 2 was as beautiful as a Spitfire, or a Mustang. It was […]

Madison’s Self-Hating Toys-R-Us Store

  THIS HOLIDAY SEASON, Madison’s self-hating Toys-R-Us asked the question “Why Shop For Toys? WHY?” (no – really it did)… A bit existential, for a toy store. Particularly a big-box one. Still, questioning the reason for one’s existence is seldom a bad thing… (The covered-up bit reads “Anywhere Else.” Design and placement matter, people!) — […]

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