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Super Happy Robot Cartoon DIY Fun Hour

Randy Martens of Colorado Springs is the mad genius behind today’s Readers’ Revenge strip. Huzzah! Thanks to everyone for the amazing, varied and hilarious responses this week. You guys just rock! HARD! There were far too many submissions to run, so I’m saving some for a future week…

About Dork Tower Readers’ Revenge

A couple of months ago, I ran three cartoons all using the same panels. (Don’t worry – I wasn’t trying to skive. they all ran on the same day).

I also threw in a template for readers to come up with their own, and some of the stuff people came up with WERE fantastic. So this week, I am skiving – um, I mean…letting a few hilarious readers take center stage.

All cartoons that run will receive a signed copy of Dork Covenant in the mail!

The DIY Template:

Super Happy Robot Cartoon Template Fun Hour


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