Fake Geek Fail and the Beetle Bailey Test

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To be clear: I think “Tales From the Con” is a fine webcomic, and I’ve enjoyed reading through its archives. Well drawn, and good gags. Many cosplayer-friendly strips, too.

The unfortunate strip published today, however, put a thought in my mind. Certain as I am that this particular “Tales From The Con” wasn’t meant as a slam against cosplayers, in the midst of the overall current discussion, well, it sure could be read that way. And was.

Anyway, all cartoonists have off-days. God knows I have more than most. Certainly more than these guys, who seem to be quite talented at what they do.

Look, I don’t want the above bit of photoshop tomfoolery to be taken as a rant against the creators or the strip itself, and it’s certainly not meant to slight nor slur Emerald City Comic Con, of which I hear amazing things. But here’s the more general thought it inspired:

Is there a “Beetle Bailey Test” (akin to the Bechdel test) we should use in everyday life?

Even if you don’t think your words are sexist, nor were intended to be, if they can be photoshopped into a believable word balloon for Brigadier General Amos T. Halftrack, they most likely are.”


PS: It appears the strip has been removed from the Emerald City Comic Con web site.

PPS: Here are some “Tales from the Con” I think are great. Read the strip. There’s some real good stuff in it:





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