Friday Musings

f you’re lucky enough to go to Dragonmeet tomorrow, here’s a coupon, courtesy of the convention: The organizers have uploaded a pdf coupon you can print off and bring to the Convention to get £1 off the door admission prices. The £1 is for all ticket types (Adult/Concessions and Under 16’s) but does not apply […]

Strip today, tomorrow…

I was only gonna run Tuesday/Thursday cartoons this week, but I’ve been getting a ton of ideas, and there are only two days left to get NaNoWriMo ‘toons in. Also, frankly, throwing myself into cartooning is helping a lot. Even if some of it’s not the greatest stuff I’ve ever done, I’m just having fun… […]

Dragonmeet. I fear not.

Well, here we are, mere days away from Dragonmeet…one of the coolest cons I’ve ever attended, and in LONDON, no less. And here’s me, with a plane ticket that the con said they’d pay for. And all I have to do is come over and hang and play games. So what’s wrong with that? Well, […]

Oh, Man, Look at those Cavemen Go…

I almost feel ashamed doing a cartoon that ends “You know you’re a (blank), if (blank).” Still, something along these lines actually happened to me. Which probably should make me feel MORE ashamed… **** Speaking of stock, coincidentally, the ever-inspiring Michael Ruhlman posted some great stock tips on his blog today. I haven’t tried his […]

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