Oh, Man, Look at those Cavemen Go…

I almost feel ashamed doing a cartoon that ends “You know you’re a (blank), if (blank).” Still, something along these lines actually happened to me.

Which probably should make me feel MORE ashamed…


Speaking of stock, coincidentally, the ever-inspiring Michael Ruhlman posted some great stock tips on his blog today.

I haven’t tried his technique, but I’m all kinds of inspired now. This is the kind of “fire-and-forget” recipe that would suit my daily routine well.

I may never buy stock or broth again.


Been playing “Call of Duty 4.” Absolutely amazing graphics. Mind-blowing stuff. Gameplay is top-notch.

But, I must say, the scenarios set in the Middle East are somewhat unnerving. Playing a game at the same time that people are living — and dying — it, well, it sure makes me feel more than a touch uncomfortable.


I wish I were more of an audio geek. I’ve got good speakers, but all of a sudden the sound coming out of my stereo (my laptop, playing iTunes) is far tinnier than it usually is. Guitars are picked up well, but vocals are echo-ey and distant.

It’s not my receiver or the speakers, as CDs sound as full and crisp as ever. It doesn’t seem to be a problem with the connections. Still, I’ve tried to adjust the levels on iTunes, but nothing seems to work. The “Sound” section on “System Preferences” is little help, with only rudimentary controls.

You guys know how important music is to me. This is really annoying…

Holy crap. FOUR DAYS ’til my birthday?

I remember when, as I kid, I’d count down from three MONTHS out.

Now, it’s almost as if I can’t give it a second thought…

Miss Judith hugely. She won’t be back in Madison until Friday, as there’s so much to do up in Ellsworth in the wake of the funeral.

I’ve never appreciated the word “suck” quite so much as I have these last few weeks. It just all sucks, sometimes.


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