Yesterday afternoon, Judith’s sister called. Their dad, Lester, suffered a heart attack and died, suddenly and unexpectedly, where the family pretty much expected him to die one day: behind the wheel. One day. Not this day Lester had been trucking corn through Redwing, Minnesota. The city of his birth. I have friends who are writers. […]

It Must Be Mine: Conchords; Bourdain

I’m sitting here, feeling just ever so slightly empty. “Flight of the ConchordsThe Complete First Season” arrived last night, pried from the cold, clammy embrace of Amazon.com into my loving grasp due to a pre-order fixation I have when it comes to television offerings I find life-affirming. “Flight of the Conchords” was easily my sole […]

These United States

I’m still in recovery mode from Spiel/Parents’ 50th/Marakech/etc. So, sorry about the lack of updates. Jetlag hit this time worse than it has for a while, so I’m all kind of out of sorts. Being away from home for almost three weeks was a bit tougher than I’d anticipated, especially with so much going on. […]

On the road again

I’m only saying this. I was in the main square in Marrakech the other night – the one where the smoke from the grill stands wafts into the night air in fantastic otherworldly clouds of salivation-inducing incorpality; where snake charmers and fortune tellers and monkey handlers compete wildly to come up with ever-more elaborate ways […]

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