Comings, Goings and Prairie Home Muskrats

First off, a thousand thanks to the many people who sent condolences and prayers concerning Judith’s dad. It really was very thoughtful of everyone, and it meant a lot to the family to receive well wishes from around the world. Lester would have loved that.


Up North, when a loved one is lost, neighbors bring over hotdishes. In Madison, they offer pot.

I’d guess they go surprisingly well together.


It seems odd, but I haven’t even been in a mood to run repeats on, let alone actually come up with new material. My apologies on that. I will draw again. Soon.


The world is a funny place.

(“Everybody says that, but nobody laughs” went one of my favorite BC comic strips of all time. Yes, thirty years ago it WAS groundbreaking and marvelously inventive.)

Even in times of personal sadness and loss, moments of joy crop up, almost as frequently as cliches in sentences like this one.

My brother David and his wife Dena welcomed their second daughter, Kovalic-To-Be-Named-Later, into the world just a couple of hours ago.

This is Judith and my second niece. So now we’re two-and-two in the nieces and nephews department.

I’m not sure when we’ll be able to get down to St. Louis to see Kovalic-To-Be-Named-Later, but I can’t wait.


Anyone listen to A Prairie Home Companion last Saturday?

Long-time reader Tom McCabley e-mailed me about a skit Garrison and Co. performed, about Gifted Students. It begins around the 14:45 mark. (It can be heard at the link above).

One student’s gift is that he’s a Muskrat. Yes, Muskrat.

But, at the 17:40 mark, the muskrat’s name is mentioned for the first time.

Carson. Carson, the Muskrat.

It’s a coincidence, yes: one of Garrison’s regular alter-egos is apparently called “Carson.” Still, that’s one hell of a coincidence. And it’s just fun to hear.

Little Carson the Muskrat. Famous at last.


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