Strip today, tomorrow…

I was only gonna run Tuesday/Thursday cartoons this week, but I’ve been getting a ton of ideas, and there are only two days left to get NaNoWriMo ‘toons in. Also, frankly, throwing myself into cartooning is helping a lot. Even if some of it’s not the greatest stuff I’ve ever done, I’m just having fun

So, extra strip (sort of) this week, as tast of the current series runs tomorrow morning…


Even if you don’t read Neil Gaiman’s works (I suppose there’s someone out there who doesn’t, as unlikely as that most certainly does sound), you must read his blog. If only because nuggets of wisdom like this pop up with depressing frequency:

Anyway, famousness is probably about as useful for an author as a large, well-appointed hiking backpack would be for a prima ballerina. Honest.

(This in response to the quasi-question “Dear Neil, I read your site everyday, and STILL I’m not a famous author, what am I doing wrong?”)

Neil’s blog, on the extreme off-chance it’s not already ingrained in your browser’s bookmarks.

Neil’s blog, in easy-to-use LJ-feed form,


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