Dragonmeet. I fear not.

Well, here we are, mere days away from Dragonmeet…one of the coolest cons I’ve ever attended, and in LONDON, no less. And here’s me, with a plane ticket that the con said they’d pay for. And all I have to do is come over and hang and play games.

So what’s wrong with that?

Well, in all honesty, Judith is still reeling from the death of her father, we’re both still feeling shell-shocked: we’ve only been home a couple of days, now. Judith’s been away from home for almost a month, given the last trip and the fortnight she’s been up in Ellsworth, helping her family.

I was supposed to fly to London the day after tomorrow. Judith couldn’t; especially since, low on vacation days that she was, the last two weeks have pretty much sucked away her free time from work until the middle of next year.

So, taking everything into account, I really have to stay on this side of the Atlantic, to be with her.

I’ve got to call United about my plane ticket. If it can’t be changed or refunded, I’ll just eat the cost of it. That’s OK. We’ll try and do the Dorkstock thing in London next year, and do a bang-up job of it. Hopefully, Warpcon in January will give us all some experience in overseas (from Muskrat Central, anyway) Dorkstocks.

We can regroup, and try again for next year. The way things are going on the homefront, that’s for the best.

As much as I hate the thought of not getting to the London again, indeed of being amongst so many friends at Dragonmeet again, my place really should be at Judith’s side for the next couple of months, at least. We just need to be home for a bit. Things will never be back to normal: the old “normal,” anyway. But reaching a new “normal” is sort of what’s needed, right now. And that’ll take time. And I have to be with Judith to help that along.

I’m terribly sorry about this. But there’s no feeling quite as strong as the one telling me I need to be at home, with Judith, for a while.


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