Friday Morning Mish-Mash

Dang it. I’m doing the right thing, by posting that my pal Scott Bateman has seven incredibly cool original paintings for sale on e-bay at the moment. Full info HERE, Chester. But I hate myself for posting this because, like, I’m bidding on some of ’em. Still, it’s for a great cause (ie, Scott’s rent), […]

Mo Better movies

An interesting observation: The Mo Movie Measure: It’s and idea from an old Dykes to Watch Out For cartoon. The character “Mo” explains that she only watches movies in which 1) there are at least two female characters with names, who 2) talk to each other sometime in the course of the movie, about 3) […]

Two Points for every Correct Answer…

Since I’m in a weird mood, here is the Master Round: 1) Where did “Wild Life” get its name? 2) Who is Susan, from “Wild Life,” named after? 3) How did “Wild Life” end in the UW-Madison Daily Cardinal? 4) Name three residents of Mud Bay in “Dork Tower,” and their Madison, WI, real-life equivalents. […]

To say nothing of KoDT Avenue…

I was first told of this a couple of days ago. Today, it seems to have hit critical mass, and I’ve had quite a few folks pointing it out.. IT’S NOT EASY LIVING ON DORK STREET. PICO RIVERA, California (AP) — It’s not easy living on Dork Street — just ask Mario Saucedo.. “I had […]

Announcing Tate Jennings!

There’s actually a photo (below) of that auspicious moment at Oddcon, when Team Blink finally got together in the same room for the first time. From left to right, that’s Dr. Beth Jennings, a great friend and our Psychological consultant (she keeps us honest when I lapse into too much psychobabble…but more on her in […]

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