Night Moves and Other Stories

With Oddcon upon us, I just have to exclaim with glee… I had dinner with Tim Powers (and much of Oddcon’s way cool staff) last night. Tim Powers! And he’s a cheese nut too! Should his schedule agree, I’m taking him to pick up one of the world’s finest — and certainly Wisconsin’s grandest — […]

April Fool's! Uh… sorta…

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to my good friend and colleague, J. P. Trostle. Or “Jape,” as he’s better known. Jape is the brilliant mind behind the Alternate Universe Dork Tower, Dork Mirror, that’s up at In case you missed any episodes (they’ve been running every weekday since April Fool’s day — […]

The Funny Pages

The news is, by now, all over the place that Girl Genius is becoming a web comic, and abandoning its individual print issues. There is more than a little celebrating, amongst those who love web comics. I, on the other hand, am a bit sad, as Girl Genius may be one of the most beautiful […]

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