Friday Morning Mish-Mash

Dang it.

I’m doing the right thing, by posting that my pal Scott Bateman has seven incredibly cool original paintings for sale on e-bay at the moment.

Full info HERE, Chester.

But I hate myself for posting this because, like, I’m bidding on some of ’em.

Still, it’s for a great cause (ie, Scott’s rent), so, grumble, grumble, bid often and bid high, grumble, grumble.

Like, seriously: this is WAY cool stuff!

Outbid me, Slappy.


Speaking of online auctions:

This old house needs some serious repairs. So I’m gonna be selling some gaming stuff (painted miniatures, collectible minis, board games, etc) in the upcoming weeks, and possibly some selected original artwork (what would folks be most interested in seeing for sale -Dork Tower originals, Munchkin originals, etc?)

What are the best forums to advertise these kinda things these days? I know boardgames, RPGs, historical minis and Games Workshop minis all have (for the most parts) different audiences.

I hate getting rid of ANY gaming stuff, and I don’t sell much original art (it just kinda feels weird, like selling your kids) but:

(a) We need the space, and

(b) The house needs some repairs.


Sorry about the lack of online cartoons this week. DT will return Monday…along with an explanation (essentially, a loooong list of the projects I’m working on/finishing up right now)


Been so busy, and was so exhausted last week, I missed a rare Madison appearance by the Wedding Present (gaaaah) and …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead.

But anyway, got tickets to Modest Mouse, with openers Camper Van Beethoven.

So all is not lost…


Anyhoo, in the meantime, here’s some fun stuff I’m working on:

This week’s edit cartoon (a local topic – cities in Wisconsin set their own minimum wages).

I’m gettin’ happier with the style, but I’m still not back to where I was five years ago, when I quit the genre.

And some Super Munchkin stuff!

Gotta go get ready for an art show now!




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