To say nothing of KoDT Avenue…

I was first told of this a couple of days ago.

Today, it seems to have hit critical mass, and I’ve had quite a few folks pointing it out..


PICO RIVERA, California (AP) — It’s not easy living on Dork Street — just ask Mario Saucedo..

“I had a resume kicked back because someone thought I was kidding,” said Saucedo, who has lived on the street in this suburb about a dozen miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles for eight years..

Ester Avetisian, who moved there 18 years ago, said she might have thought twice if there had been a sign in those days marking the road tucked into what is still a semi-rural section of town where people keep goats and chickens in their back yards..

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From the “I’ve Got Wood for Their Sheep” Dept.

Oh, lordy…

This is just SO incredibly cool:

10th Anniversary Settlers of Catan™ 3-D Special Edition Treasure Chest Set

To commemorate this momentous and joyous
event, a special edition is being offered.

This special edition will include all the
components needed to play Settlers of Catan
and Cities & Knights™ for 3-4 players.

This edition will feature three dimensional
hand painted tiles made of dense heavyweight
resin and a complete interlocking border.

IT MUST BE MINE…as long as I give up, say, eating and paying rent for a month…




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