Two Points for every Correct Answer…

Since I’m in a weird mood, here is the Master Round:

1) Where did “Wild Life” get its name?

2) Who is Susan, from “Wild Life,” named after?

3) How did “Wild Life” end in the UW-Madison Daily Cardinal?

4) Name three residents of Mud Bay in “Dork Tower,” and their Madison, WI, real-life equivalents.

5) Name two characters other than Carson who have appeared in both “Wild Life” and “Dork Tower.”

6) Name three album covers parodied in “Dork Tower.”

7) Which one of the following people has NOT appeared in Dork Tower: (a) Ken Hite; (b) Phil Foglio; (c) Matt Forbeck.

8) Name three characters from “Beached.”

9) Name five characters from “Newbies.”

10) What is the conceptual link (other than me, and the fact that they both take place in Mud Bay) between “Newbies” and “Wild Life”?

11) Name two comics strips of mine that do NOT take place in Mud Bay.

12) How many newspapers did “Wild Life” appear in BEFORE the UW-Madison Daily Cardinal?



I’m really loving the website. The whole indy movie scene reminds me a lot of the indy comics scene. I feel myself getting sucked in…



About the quiz:

This is not serious. These are probably the most obscure bits of trivia about my work I could think of. But the answers are potentially interesting. Or at least I hope they’ll be, when I post ’em eventually.

I’d be VERY surprised if anyone got more than three or four, on their own.

It’s just an excuse to get weird.




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