Insane Charity Bike Ride Update (and my Atlanta Game Expo schedule)

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Hey, all,

This weekend, I’ll be a guest at Atlanta Game Expo/Southern Fried Game Expo, at the Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Center. It’s a short trip for me, and my schedule’s light. But I’ll be there! Bring on the Chicken and Waffles!

I’ll try and make myself available throughout the con, but at the very least, you can catch me at these two talks, with signings afterwards:

FRIDAY: 8 pm – 9 pm (Galleria Room)
“From Munchkin to Dork Tower: John Kovalic’s World”
FRIDAY: 9 pm – 9:30 pm
Meet and Greet/Signing (Signing Area)

SATURDAY 1 pm – 2 pm (Chancellor Room)
“Out of the Box: John Kovalic”
SATURDAY 2 pm – 2:30 pm
Meet and Greet/Signing (Signing Area)

SATURDAY 9:30 pm-10:30pm (Waverly Room)
Drinking Quest Live (21+ only)


9afd230a-d547-41b7-8dde-ad5e464b252eINSANE CHARITY BIKE RIDE SWAG UPDATE

I’ve posted on the Facebook page, and tweeted from time to time, that the swag production for Bike the Barns backers is kicking along (though things like the surgery and a busy, busy 2015/2016 meant it wasn’t kicking along as quickly as I’d have liked).

But the end seems to be in sight!

So here are where things stand, swag-wise:



  • The Neil Gaiman Tour De Duck limerick illustration (GUYS!) turned out far nicer than I hoped, and also turned out to be a double-spread comic. Also larger and more complicated. The inks are done, the colors need to be done, but I hope to have that wrapped up, and approved by Neil, next week.
  • The brand-new MUNCHKIN CHARITY POSTCARD – DONE and in-hand! Now to sign 200 of the things…
  • The “GALACTIC BREWING” mini-print, signed by both Scott Johnson, and me – DONE and in-hand!
  • The signed Munchkin bookmarks have been signed by Steve, now in the mail for me to sign.
  • I’m also adding something here, to thank folks for their patience: an ARMY OF DORKNESS Corporal button! These should be off to press this week.

ArmyOfDorknessButtonsSmall$50 PLEDGES

  • All of the above, plus the shiny ARMY OF DORKNESS Sergeant button – which goes off to press this week.


  • All of the above, and a Limited Edition Tour De Duck 2015 cloisonne pin. Confession time – I made some Carson pins up, but then I noticed that I had earlier said it would be a Duck pin. So these are going to press this week.

$200 PLEDGES –

  • All of the above, and an original piece of MUNCHKIN card art. The pieces of art have been chosen, and are ready to send. They are very nice – some of my very favorite work. Also, five folks who donated less than $200 will be chosen at random by fulfillment guru David Michael this week, and they’ll also receive original Munchkin card art.

$1,000 PLEDGES –

  • I still need to get in touch with the donors about their Guest Appearances in DORK TOWER. Obviously, they also get all of the above, as well.

THE COLORING BOOK (for everyone) –

  • I’m still undecided as to whether make this an entirely new coloring book, to go alongside “Embrace the Squee,” of to include it in an expanded edition of “Embrace the Squee.” I’m thinking the former. But as this will be a PDF, it won’t delay the physical rewards at all. Anyway, it’s looking good!

Long story short, all the swag should be in Fulfillment Guru David Michael’s hands soon, and he’s an ace at getting stuff out!

CkMWn-2UkAAUFDkLast but not least, Steve Jackson Games wrote a lovely little interview with me about Munchkin and Ducks, and Bike the Barns featured prominently. Because I cycle with a duck.On my head.

Thank you all for your patience, and – most of all – your generosity, in helping to raise nearly $12,000 to help get healthy food to low-income families!

– John

PS: Here’s a sneak-peek at the black-and-white art for the Neil Gaiman limerick.



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