Munchkin Cosplay GOES UP A LEVEL!

Munchkin Cosplay GOES UP A LEVEL! Working in comics for a while now, it’s always flattering as all get-out when fan art comes in, or another artist draws your characters. That feeling reaches another level entirely when someone cosplays your characters. I’ve seen folks cosplaying Dork Tower and Munchkin over time, but I have to […]

Free WORLDWIDE Shipping at the Dork Store this weekend!

  This weekend, through Midnight, Pacific Time, Feb. 9, there’s FREE WORDLWIDE  SHIPPING on all my stuff at the Society6 Dork Store. Holy cats! I thought it was only free shipping to the US! BUT NO! Make sure you use this promotional link to get there: This includes posters, mugs, clocks, totes…the lot! Also, there’s $5 […]

Some Gamey Updates

  QUICK! ONE THING FIRST! Lots of folks have asked for prints, mugs and tote-bags of yesterday’s “Writing: Bad Days and Good” comic. So now they’re available from the Dork Tower Society6 store! For the insecure artist in YOUR life! (HINT: this may mean “for YOU!”) OK. Onto the real news. It’s time for… Some […]

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