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Inktober Day 1


Inktober Day 1: Morning warm-up sketch. Gilly as Batgirl. I made  couple of small mistakes on this one (FAKE GEEK GUY!), but that’s why they call it a warm-up sketch! I wanted to try and capture sheer joy on Gilly’s face. Adding the grimacing gargoyle-like Duck-of-Doomish thing below here was an idea at the end. What’s Inktober? It’s […]

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Secret Origins – DORK TOWER 07.02.14

HUGE thanks to Roland Rogers for the inspiration! Prints, mugs and tote-bags of Wednesday’s “Writing: Bad Days and Good” Dork Tower are now available from the Dork Tower Society6 store! For the insecure artist in YOUR life! (HINT: this may mean “for YOU!”)


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