MUSKRAT RAMBLING – Oh, iPhone, is there NOTHING you can't do…

I was sitting down by the lake, the other day, getting some drawings done.

What drawings? That’s a secret. At least for another couple of weeks.

But Munchkins MAY be involved. Or not.

Anyway, the drawing was coming along great. “Man, oh, man,” I wished to myself. “It’s kinda a shame I’m not home, because I could scan the sketch, and e-mail it to (Person Who May Or May Not Be Steve Jackson) to let him see how well it’s coming out! What a fine addition to (Game Line That May Or May Not be Munchkin) this will be…and yet, here I sit by a Very Large Lake, about as out of touch, technically speaking, as you can get in or around South Central Wisconsin in the year 2008.”

That’s when I remembered – HEY! I have an iPhone! Woot!

Took a couple of pictures. Attached them to a message, and sent ’em off. Zoom! Zoom, zoom!

Here’s the final image, by the way.

Holy Spit, I love the 21st Century. Jet packs and flying cars be damned…


Nearly 200 submissions later, entries are now closed for the Win This Booty-ful Art contest.

The Lovely and Talented Judith whould pick a winner tonight or tomorrow. Winner will be announced Thursday.

It’ll be tough. There are some good ones.

– John


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